Feel Excited On Playing Trollface Quest 3 and the Enjoy the Gameplay

First of all i am excited to tell you that after a while i am back on the blogging stage. I have lots of things going on in my life lately the thing that i have been so busy lately is the main thing i didn’t post anything on this blog for a while, but here i am back!

About the game:
Followed by the first 2 versions of the game that went viral and earned popularity in the line of flash games, Trollface Quest 3 was introduced. Available as one of the interesting flash games to all the computer users, the latest version is same as that of the first two and it is notified as a point and click, strategy and puzzle game. It is unavoidable to get trolled in this version of game as well and also there are no simple levels or any logical solution. This version of game does not make any sense as well. Trollface Quest 3 Game is now available on all online sites offering flash games. The new version adopts the similar concept as that of Trollface first and second version that was point and click puzzle type strategy game. This game deals with the test in problem solving skills of the players. It also checks the skills by making the players to think completely different and innovatively and makes the players to come up with the solution to every level of the puzzle in not very obvious manner.

Modifications in the gameplay

Trollface Quest 3 has got a same kind of strategy and an easy main screen with two different options including start game as well as chooses level. The ‘start game’ option begins the game from the initial level, however if you cleared some of the levels already, the advance is saved and the player can play any of the unlocked level he wants by choosing that level. The game begins with comic which shows someone stealing troll version of Mona Lisa called Troll Lisa. The next comic is related to finding out who has stolen it and on the other side, the player has to get through all 20 levels to grab who is stealing the painting.

Amazing features of gameplay

To explain the features of Trollface Quest 3, level 10 of this game can be taken as an example. In level 10, one should cross the river by performing stickman jump over the stepping-stones. Touch this could seems easy, it is not actually that simple as if you happen to step over the wrong stepping stone, you may likely to end up on stepping over angry alligator accidentally. The other example to show how tricky few of the puzzles of the new version of this game is considering level 15. In this level, a player should play a game of checkers competing against the trollface and he should not lose to him. If he loses, he will be dumped in the hot boiling water. There is also end game bonus round if the player manages to complete all the thirty levels successfully.

Graphics features of Trollface quest 3

The graphics features are same as that of the first two versions and majority of the pictures look as hand-drawn pictures. This version has a brown color theme unlike the multiple colors employed in the previous version of the game. The point and click style is continued here, hence a player only require a mouse for playing it. Like the previous versions, the new version consists of 20 puzzles for solving and hence, 20 levels.

Trickier levels of the game

To make it different from the previous versions, all the levels are not logical and also make no sense, each level having an ideal solution. In the last puzzle of the game, a player is needed to find 5 differences between 2 images of Trolla Lisa that is a troll version of Mona Lisa. It appears to be like a simple enough level as discovering the first four differences just takes some moments; however finding out the fifth is absolutely impossible, even when you look at the pictures for more time. The trick is running the cursor across the picture till you find out single pixel to click at the left-hand side at the background scenery and on clicking over it, a troll face will appear.

Upon clearing all the levels, players will be offered the option to look at the final comic that reveals that painting Trolla Lisa was robbed by the nemesis of main character, which means Troll Face. Thus, the player is yet trolled again by the troll face, even completing all 20 levels. This version of game launches a story, which can be finished off by solving all unrelated puzzles. When you have tried playing the previous versions of this game, this one will fulfill your troll requirements and ensure you feel stupid number of times when you play.