Discovering the different genres of web-based games

Since the invention of the internet, playing games on the web has become an important activity for all gaming lovers out there. As a matter of fact, web gamers make up an important part of internet users across the world. People from all age groups love playing online games as there are many kinds of games available according to various age groups. No matter if you are a kid, teenager, an adult, or an aged person, playing games online is an entertaining and fun activity that no one gets bored of. Let’s look at some genre of games that people can play on the web.

Console games

These games are very popular among people. To play console games, a player has to connect to two different consoles with the help of a router or Ethernet cable.

First-person shooter games

As the name suggest, in this type of game, a player becomes the shooter and it seems as if they are really inside the game when they are playing it. Game lovers also hold tournaments and competitions for games like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike where players can also win prizes.

Real-time strategy games

In this type of game, players can play a multiplayer game by connecting to a local network or a modem.

Browser games

Browser games are games that use a web browser as a client. The single player games usually have an HTML or HTML scripting-enabled browser, while more complicated games are enabled by a web server.

Massively multiplayer online games (MMOG)

These are the most popular type of games online. In this type of gaming, thousands of players from across the globe can connect to the internet and play the game simultaneously. These games also have many subtypes, including MMOSG, MMORPG, MMOFPS and MMORTS.