Best Modern Arcade Games

You may think that the world of arcade gaming belongs the 90s as RPG and heavy action games dominate the scene, but there are a few franchises keeping this genre alive even today. If you’re a fan of arcade games, here are some of the top arcade games that you can get for your modern gaming consoles and enjoy with your friends and family.


If you loved the classic 2D shooting game Asteroids, you might want to give Galak-Z a try as well. It feels like a tribute to Asteroids as they have a lot in common as well Galak-Z offers a challenging AI combined with large worlds to explore in a technicolor experience. Galak-Z is definitely worth a try for Arcade gaming fans.


This game will definitely take you by surprise as it brilliantly utilizes the console’s graphics capability to demonstrate some spectacular explosions as well as lightning effects. But the game isn’t just fancy graphics as it is one of the best arcade games available. It’ll keep you busy for hours as you try to get spectacular scores.

Trials Fusion

Extreme sports and arcade games go hand in hand as evident by the success of classic games such as Sega Rally. Fans of biking games will get addicted to this game as it takes the arcade gaming to a whole new level with its gravity-defying levels and countless flips and tracks. The difficulty level increases so subtly that you’ll always be on the edge.


It’s a skating game that you’ll learn easily but mastering it is very difficult yet fun. Nail the trick combos and landings to take your game to a high degree of finesse and if you’re able to complete all the challenges, there is a sequel of the game available as well.