Tiny Games are real-world games designed for every situation you can think of. Whether you're out with friends, bored at a bus-stop, or playing with your kids, our apps have you covered. Take a look at what the critics are calling

'The smartest new game app on the planet'. - The Guardian

Tiny Games has games for parks and pubs and bedrooms and queues and buses and teashops and baths. Games for when you're at a party or with a boring relative or a hot new crush.

Never be short of a game to play with your kids again. Your favourite Sesame Street characters are here with over 150 games to play at home, on the road, or while stuck in line. Try it for free and unlock a whole new world of Family Play!

Tiny Games are brought to you by Hide&Seek, one of the world's most innovative game design studios. We bring buildings to life, turn cities into games, teach kids about otters and help movies be more playful. Come visit to find out more!